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Restore Your Smile and Your Life with Dentures

Multiple missing teeth can cause daily struggles from difficulty speaking and eating to a low self-esteem. Dentures allow patients to take charge of their lives and regain the full function they desire while also completing a natural-looking smile. When made carefully, dentures can also allow you to confidently do, say and eat the things you desire. We offer dentures as well as dentures secured by dental implants in order to ensure each patient receives the fit, form and function they’re looking for. And since we have a cosmetic dentist on staff, we also craft each prosthetic while taking into consideration how it will fit into your smile and restore your facial shape to the aesthetically pleasing look you miss. Interested in restoring a full arch of teeth? We have the skillset to make a lasting and custom restoration you can be proud to smile about.

Our Custom
Dentures Solutions

Patients missing all or most of their teeth in one or more arches can benefit from complete dentures. For those missing one or multiple teeth, we also offer partial dentures. Customized to patients’ unique facial shape and jawbone structure, each denture prosthetic offered at our practice ensures a fit you can trust. Crafted from high-quality material, your new smile looks and feels just like natural teeth. Dr. Barbara Wetmore, our skilled cosmetic dentist, considers your overall facial features and designs each prosthetic as a new piece of art. Before leaving our office with your new set of teeth, we will make any necessary adjustments until we find a confident fit.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Custom designed for your smile
  • Replaces multiple missing teeth
  • Allows you to eat and speak comfortably
  • Renews your confidence

The Security Of
Implant Supported Dentures

Another option to restore a full arch of missing teeth is receiving dentures reinforced by dental implants. Dr. Barbara is able to precisely place two dental implants into your jaw and then attach a custom prosthetic on top, all in the same office. This option ensures that your dentures are securely locked in place adding stability and an extra level of confidence. We also offer fixed and removable options for your added convenience. Since they are secured by dental implants, implant supported dentures don’t rest on your gums or cause irritation and never require adhesives or pastes.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Guaranteed stability
  • Restores oral function
  • Renews a seamless smile
  • Long-term solution

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