Comfort Controlâ„¢ Syringe PAIN-FREE INJECTIONS

Needle fears keep many people away from the dentist. Postponing dental procedures because of these fears is common, but ultimately results in worsening problems and other serious oral health concerns. The Comfort Control Syringe is a pain free alternative to traditional anesthetic needles and syringes. It lets us administer injections with little or no discomfort to our patients, since the flow and volume of anesthetic are delivered slowly, below the pain threshold. The system even places a drop of anesthetic at the site of injection, prior to needle insertion, preparing an anesthetic pathway.

This electronic pre-programmed anesthetic delivery device uses a two-stage delivery rate. The injection begins at an extremely slow rate to counter the initial pain usually associated with an injection. A digital panel displays the rate, elapsed time and amount of anesthetic delivered.

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